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Building A Better World With AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way today’s businesses compete and operate. By putting AI and data at the center of their capabilities, companies are redefining how they create, capture, and share value—and are achieving impressive growth as a result.

This course is designed to provide students with expertise in creating and modifying required AI algorithms and techniques. More specifically, our curriculum encompasses a holistic journey, from foundational concepts to advanced applications, promising a comprehensive understanding of AI’s diverse dimensions. Commencing with the foundational principles in Part I, where Search Algorithms serve as a gateway to understanding problem-solving and optimization within AI systems, the journey advances into Part II, spotlighting the intricate realm of “Reinforcement Learning.” Part III pivots towards the nuanced interactions between machines and human language with a focus on Natural Language Processing (NLP). The trajectory deepens in Part IV, immersing into the core of machine learning with discussions on MLP Neural Network and Convolutional Neural Network. Finally, in Part V, attention is drawn to the forefront of AI advancements, exploring the capabilities of Generative AI and the influence of Large Language Models.

Course Syllabus

Part I. AI Foundations

  1. Search Algorithms

Part II. Reinforcement Learning

  1. Reinforcement Learning

Part III. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Part IV. Deep Learning

  1. MLP Neural Network
  2. Convolutional Neural Network

Part V. Advanced AI

  1. Generative Ai
  2. Large Language Models




  1. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig, 2020.
  2. Learning Deep Learning, Magnus Ekman, 2022.
  3. Quick Start Guide to Large Language Models, Sinan Ozdemir, 2024.

Expected Work

  1. Quizzes (10%)
  2. Projects (40%)
  3. Midterm Exam (20%)
  4. Final Exam (30%)

Learning Goals

As AI continues to rapidly transform the way organizations and their people work, a shortage of skilled professionals remains the single most significant challenge facing AI adoption by industry.

Artificial Intelligence


€100 / hour

€500 /day


€60 / hour

€300 / day